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14 thoughts on “Leaving home? How to cope with the financial stresses of a flatmate

  1. That app sounds really handy! I’ve never had a roommate, I moved out straight into a place with my hubby, but we have my brother lodging with us at the moment. Luckily he is really good with paying us, but I can imagine it being a complete nightmare if you live with someone who is bad with paying.

  2. I’ve never flat shared, I’ve only ever lived with my ex and now my partner but I think these tips are great and should be kept in mind by anyone who is wanting to flat share.

  3. When we had a shared house at university for a year we kept a petty cash jar for things like loo roll and cleaning products. It worked a treat.

    I absolutely agree that with money things it is so important to have good ground rules, you absolutely do not want to needlessly fall out with your friends.

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