How to make your own really REALLY good chips

Are chips money saving? Well, noooo. But, if you can make delicious food at home, you JUST MIGHT eat out less often and therefore……SAVE MONEY! HURRAH! SEE I MADE A CONNECTION!

Anyway, back to the post….

If you love chip shop chips, then I’m afraid this recipe is not for you. If you like super crispy chips – think chunky McDonalds fries with less salt and more pepper – then read on. My mouth is watering just writing this!


Serves 2

Preheat your oven to 210 degrees C/ 190 degrees FAN

Peel 3 large potatoes and slice into large sticks as thick as your thumb. We want these to be chunky.

Lay them between 2 pieces of kitchen towel to dry off some of the starch.

Find a large baking sheet and pour in 3 good glugs of olive oil. Use one of your potato thumbs to spread the oil over the baking sheet. You don’t want to miss any bits as this will mean your chips will stick to the tray.


Add all of the potato pieces onto the baking tray. Top with a very good sprinkling of salt and pepper (and chilli flakes if you fancy it) and give them all a good mix together with your hands. If you feel you need a little more oil so that they are lightly coated, go ahead. Once coated, spread them out across the tray so that they’re not on top of each other and can all be properly exposed to the heat. This will help them to crisp.


Put the chips on the top shelf of the oven for 40 minutes. Make sure you check back every 10 minutes or so to move the chips around. They will crisp on top so will need turning.

After 40 minutes, and several good turns with a fish slice, they should look like chip shaped roast potatoes. They’re done! Pour them out onto a kitchen towel to absorb excess oil and then enjoy.



11 thoughts on “How to make your own really REALLY good chips

  1. I love crispy chips so this is something I have to try. We love making our own chips here, best to make things from scratch if you can 🙂

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