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How to get some Jimmy Choos or £575 in two months

I want these Jimmy Choos:

Jimmy Choo Lucy 85 £525
Jimmy Choo Lucy 85 £525

and I want these Louboutins:

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 £455

So the way I see it, I can do one of two things.  I can either do nothing about trying to get them and simply moan that I’m too poor to ever be able to own something as lovely as those shoes….OR I can take steps to gather the money to afford them.

You can too!

Set yourself a target (like the shoes above) and then start saving. And I wouldn’t be a money blogger if I didn’t tell you how to do it. So here’s your Jimmy Choo ownership guide!

1. Start making packed lunches.  Swap your high street cafes or takeaway shop meals for home-prepared grub for two months and instead of spending £7-8 every week day (that’s 40 days), you’ll spend only a tenner a week (or less) and save yourself approx. £220!  Heck you’ll be nearly halfway there!

2. Switch your utility provider and telecom provider via a cashback site like Quidco or Topcashback.  How does it work?  Well click on the links to sign up and then search through the utility providers to find the deal offering the most cashback. As an example, at the time of writing this, Topcashback was offering £126 cashback – that’s £126 cash to you in your account – if you sign up to SSE’s New Customer Superfast Fibre Broadband + Talk Anytime by clicking through its site.  There’s nothing to pay (apart from your bills) and you should expect your £126 in your account within a few months!  With Quidco you can earn £38 in cashback just by using Simply Switch to change your gas and electricity provider. For more details on how cashback sites work, click here.

Right, so where are we….. £220 + £126 + £38 = £384 in two months.  Still some way to go. So….

3. Have a clear out.  Go through all your old dvds, cds and books and for all of those still in good nick, sell them to a site like Zapper at about 35p each (although some will be worth more than that).  It doesn’t seem like much but they cover your postage and if you can get hold of about 100 items – actually quite easy once you have a proper look through all your old collections – you could earn £35.

4. If you’re going to start saving money thanks to this blog(!) then you need to ensure you have a good savings account. Sign up for an ISA with Standard Life via Quidco and earn £50 cashback. For info on the new limit for ISA saving, check out my article on the recent Budget.  You might as well review your current account provider too. If you open a Nationwide FlexDirect current account via Topcashback, you’ll earn £36.75. Again, for more details on how cashback sites work, click here.

So, £384 + £35 + £50 + £36.75 = £505.75. Hurrah! Enough for the Louboutins! But not quite enough for the Jimmy Choos, so….

4. Finally, to get to £525 and reach the Louboutin mark, we turn to the trusty mobile phone. A new smartphone is released almost every month so we’re not committed to such long contracts as we used to be.  And that’s a good thing as phone contracts can be expensive! I used to pay £49.50 per month for the same number of texts and calls that I get now through Giffgaff for £10 a month.  Yep, £10 a month.  Switch now and in two months, you’ll save yourself £80.

That gets you to £585.50 in two months (ish).  So you can get the Jimmy Choos!

Get ready to treat yourselves!