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The best phone apps – for saving money

I’ve mentioned before how important my phone is to me. I carry it around with me all day, even if it’s just from room to room at home! And as being smart with money is such a big passion of mine, it’s only natural that I’d have a ton of money saving apps on my mobile.

Why? Well, not only does it make banking online much easier but I can also track my spending, EARN MONEY while out and about, keep a budget, and compare shopping deals on the go. It’s a no brainer!

Just who wouldn’t want to grow their bank balance with their phone?!

So here’s a round up of some of the best money saving apps out there BUT before you get any of them, make sure you have a pin code or fingerprint lock on your phone to keep your money safe!

Let’s start with banking.

rbsapp fdapp hsbcappbarclaysapp natwestapp

If you bank with any of these boys, then you’re in good hands as all have apps which are known to be very safe and have great functionality. By having your bank’s app on your phone, you can easily check your balance (to see if you can afford what you’re about to buy!), transfer money or set up any payments you require, while on the move. Easy!

If you don’t bank with the ones mentioned above, you can go ahead and get your bank’s app but it might not be the easiest thing to use just yet. Don’t worry though, they’re all working on improving their apps all the time.

Next, let’s look at tracking your spending.

wallyappIn my opinion, the best app available for this is Wally. Why? Well, not only is it free but it’s also very simple – you record your disposable income at the start of the month and then you track your spending each day, and the app lets you see where you stand in terms of remaining income.

It also shows you your spending habits i.e. how much you spend on clothing or food versus other items.

This feature is very handy if you want to set yourself some saving goals.

goodbudgetappTo go one step further and manage your money through budgeting, I’d recommend GoodBudget. It allows you to set spending limits for different things i.e. clothing spend (eeeek!), and lets you see when you’re close to overspending.

The best feature is that it can be synced with multiple devices which is great if you’re doing the budget for the whole household. You can keep an eye on your other half’s spending mwah ha ha!


What about earning money?

There are a few apps for this.

Starting with cashback:

quidcoappclicksnap Quidco, one of the UK’s leading cashback sites, has two apps.

The first (Quidco) shows you cashback offers available in shops, coffee shops and restaurants in the local area so you can make savings while you’re out and about, and the second app (ClickSnap) gives you cashback on your food at the supermarket. All you do is buy any of the items listed here and you’ll get cashback when you submit your receipt.

topcashbackapp Topcashback, the other leading cashback site, does the same as Quidco’s two apps but in one. I would recommend getting all three though as they don’t always have the same offers.




You can also do a little work for some cash:

clicandwalkappClic and Walk offers you cash in return for completing missions whereby you take photos or videos or nearby sites or buildings and send them in.

The downside is that the payments are very small but if you get a mission to go somewhere you’re heading to anyway, what’s the harm in taking part?



ipollappThere’s also iPoll which rewards you for completing surveys. I figure that if you’re half-watching something on the TV or are sitting waiting for a bus, you might as well earn something back at the same time!




For saving money while shopping:

vouchercodesapp Vouchercodes.co.uk is highly rated as it lists voucher codes, printable vouchers and lots of other types of discounts and deals in your local area or available online.

Handily segmented by activity, the offers are really easy to find and it makes eating out a LOT cheaper.



mysupermarketappThe Mysupermarket app will ensure you pay the best price at the supermarket. Input your shopping list and it’ll tell you which supermarket will give you the cheapest bill, or scan items in-store and it will tell you if the item is cheaper elsewhere.

I use the website when planning my main food shop for the week and the first time I did it, I saved £20!


tastecardappIf you fancy dining somewhere other than a chain restaurant, you might have luck finding a deal with the Tastecard app. With over 7,000 restaurants listed, you’re bound to find somewhere in your area offering a fab deal.

And to finish off, while we’re on the subject of food, to avoid opting for an expensive ready meal at the supermarket….

bigovenappTry BigOven. It will revolutionalise the way you do your food shopping. Planning ahead is the only way to make big savings on your grocery bills and this app lets you build a meal planner using its massive database of recipes. There is also the option of finding recipes which use up your leftovers to ensure you’re making your food shopping go as fas as possible.  And with so much lovely inspiration, you may end up cutting your dining out bills too!


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