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Brand focus: Nobody’s Child

As a finance and fashion blogger, it’s my responsibility *pulls serious face* to keep you informed of great buys, super deals and worthwhile wardrobe investments.  I want you to know when to splash out, how to save (in order to splash out) and when to buy a bargain because the deal is so good that you’d be crayyy to miss it.

So, when a brand comes along which sells gorgeous bang-on trend clothing, that feels high quality, AND is incredibly good value for money, it is my job, nay my DUTY to tell you about it.

Nobody’s Child is a London based fashion brand with high ethical standards. Launched in October last year, the company designs and makes all of its clothing in-house, which means no sweat shops.  So you can shop with a clear conscience.

I was introduced to the brand by fellow blogger Robyn Taylor (at Phases of Robyn) on Twitter when she shared a link to the top below. I immediately went online and bought it. For £16!!

Pink Stripe Tie Sleeve Bardot, £16

But then….. I kept shopping and I bought this:

Black Scoop Back High Neck Body Suit, £10

And this:

Cream Cold Shoulder Woven Top, £16

And this (eeek!):

Grey Marl Racer Rib Bodycon Dress, £15

And finally this:

Peach Popcorn Chiffon Pleat Midi, £30

I guess that because lovely retailers have made shopping online and returning items so so simple, there is a tendancy to overorder to qualify for cheaper delivery (come on, we’ve all done it once or twice) and then return the items that just aren’t right for us.

Well, my order from Nobody’s Child arrived – I’ll come back to that process in a mo – and I tried it all on and decided to keep not one item, or two, but THE WHOLE LOT. Never has that happened to me before.

Ok well, that’s not strictly true.  I’m exchanging the chiffon skirt for a smaller size and the first top – the pink bardot – isn’t quite the right colour for me but as soon as the lovely people at Nobody’s Child release a version in a different colour, I’ll be ordering it like a shot! (Are you listening Nobody’s Child?)

Why am I keeping it all (mostly)?

  • The chiffon skirt sits so beautifully that it’s very elegant and looks like it could have cost 3 times what it did. It can also be worn with heels or with white trainers as in the picture above.  NOTE – if you’re around 5ft 4, this will skim your ankles but for me that’s a good thing!
  • The bodycon dress is sooooo flattering. The material seems to elongate my body and even after a large-ish meal you don’t have to worry about a wobbly belly. Worn with a long baggy cardigan or jumper and ankle boots, or a simple chain and sandals, this looks AWESOME.
  • The cream off the shoulder top is probably not something I really needed. I already have a lot of white and cream tops in my wardrobe. But, it’s so so comfy and looks great with either my girlfriend jeans or my skinnies.
  • The black high neck bodysuit was a must for me as I have a narrow waist and wide-ish hips so all my jeans tend to gape a bit at the back when I crouch down. Very unclassy! This top avoids that and because it’s practically backless it’ll be great for getting some rays this summer.
  • Finally, the pink bardot.  This looked great tucked into a skirt or jeans and the vertical stripes worked to elongate my top half. The only problem, as I said before, was the colour. But as soon as a blue or green one is made (hint hint), I’ll be in there.
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And I must tell you about the delivery process. Firstly, Nobody’s Child shelled out on a top quality courier service for customers. This means you are given advanced warning of delivery and if you’re not in, a range of alternative options and then when it has been delivered in your absence, you receive a text AND an email confirming its location.

What you get when it’s delivered is actually the main reason I decided to write this post. With a typical online order, you get each item packaged in a flimsy plastic bag and some paperwork. Nobody’s Child clearly decided that they wanted to give customers a slightly better service. It’s as if they were saying “We don’t have stores but if we did, they’d be pretty and smell nice and a playlist of your favourite songs would be on repeat. Our staff would give you hugs and you’d feel special.” Actually, on reflection that might be a bit much.

Anyway, my point is that Nobody’s Child wants you to receive your order and feel good. So, inside the plastic postage bag, my items were packaged in lovely brown envelope things and more substantial plastic wrapping which I’m sure was better for the clothing. They also gave me a free bracelet! Finally, and maybe this is just me, but the fact that my paperwork told me my order had been checked by ‘Zoe’ was just a lovely touch because it made the whole thing seem more personal. Hello Zoe, whoever you are!

As I’m exchanging the chiffon skirt, I can also confirm the return process is very straightforward with two free options: the post office and Collect+.

I truly believe this is a brand that’s going to continue to thrive. Please please check it out (particularly as pay day has just been). You won’t be disappointed.