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How to save money

How to save moneyWhy I’ll be saving this year

I’ve been bad. I’ve let a lot of good spending habits slip. It all happened gradually and I wasn’t really paying too much attention to the bank balances and then disaster struck. Well, several disasters struck. Over Christmas, our boiler broke. And a pipe in the loft started leaking. And our hoover gave up the ghost. And our microwave started making crackling noises. All of that cost a lot to fix or replace.

But….because it’s Christmas, you think, “ahhh it’s fine. I’ll look at the finances in the new year. We can cut back a bit. Not a problem!”

Then in January, perhaps my least favourite person on the planet, after Donald Trump, Harry Hill and both Jedward twins, decided to make life a lot harder. The taxman ruined everything. Both P and I learned we owed several thousand pounds. EACH! Oh, and because of the new way HMRC is doing things, I also owed money for the current tax year too!

So, to say I feel skint would be an understatement. Our debt has now grown significantly and I need to pay it off quickly. Very quickly.

So, I’m getting back to my good money saving habits. In fact, I’m taking it even further this year. And my plan of how to save money works.

How to start saving money

The trick to doing anything new well and maintaining it is – I find – to start with an intense, and sometimes painful, kick off and then you ease into a programme which has the right balance of the good habits and the rewards so it’s easy to fit it into daily life and keep it going.

For the rest of January and for all of February, I will be conducting my intense programme. The first thing I’m doing, is going through the FeastStyleThrive e-course myself. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to refresh my memory and check I’m doing everything! That means I conduct a full-on check of my finances, and then overhaul my spending on EVERY SINGLE PIECE of expenditure. Then I pick and choose the habits to keep going and voila! That’s how to save money.

Adopting a money saver mantra

It’s all very well signing up for a free course and reading the emails but it does still require a hell of a lot of willpower to actually take action.

So here are some helpful reasons why this is exactly the right time to do it:

          A lot of the people you know are doing Dry January – poor souls. So you have fewer drinking companions which means fewer excuses to go out!  Plus it’s BLOODY FREEZING! Stay in, enjoy the slipper time!

          You put on weight over Christmas. I’m sorry. But it’s true. That diet will only work if you don’t buy treats, booze or ready meals so save the pounds (in more ways than one).

          One of the easiest ways of how to save money is to adopt a meal plan and I’ll be posting mid-week meal plans over the course of the next few weeks! You’re welcome in advance.

          You deserve a good summer holiday this year. A fabulous, post-lots-of-pictures-on-facebook-and-instagram-and-make-everyone-hate-you kind of holiday. It’s not going to pay for itself so start the hard work of saving for it now.

          And finally, by looking at your finances now, at the start of the year, and working out how you can change a few habits to save money each month, you will be looking at a bank balance that is several hundred pounds heavier by Christmas.  Yup!

I’m going to be posting more tips on how to save money and documenting my money saving journey here so keep checking in, and please do share you advice and experiences, I’d love to hear them!