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The five things I’m lusting after this month – March

In a post I published a few weeks ago, I said that in order to succeed with a savings plan, you need to allow yourself treats. Little rewards for keeping focussed.

Well, this post is a round up of the style treats that I’d LOVE to reward myself because I’ve been bloody good at saving money over the last few months.

If you are a Feast Style Thrive follower, you’ll know that I got into a bit of a sticky situation financially at the start of the year and had to borrow some money. As a result, I’ve had to adopt a very strict savings plan to cut my spending in every area and look at ways of making additional money on the side. All legit obvs.

It’s working well and my bank balance is looking a lot rosier. I should be able to pay those new debts off soon too!  However, I’m not going to lie and say it’s been easy. It’s been hard work. Beans on toast for dinner, the occasional bowl of cereal for lunch, a ban on all clothes shopping for 2 months and I’ve swapped nights out for a lot of time on the sofa.

But, because I still have some way to go (and I need to keep motivated), I’m going to reward the efforts so far.  Here are the style treats I’ve got my eye on.

My Lusts

Jimmy Choo Nude Patent Leather Sandals, £495, 2. Mango Quilted Chain Bag, £19.99, 3. Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom Perfume, £88 for 100ml, 4. J Crew One Shoulder Ruffle Dress, £174, 5. Mango Asymmetric Black blouse, £35.99

So, I realise it’s probably a bit of a stretch to get all of these things right away, particularly as I’m still supposed to be in serious saving mode, so I have a plan.

My plan to get them all (and still stick to my savings plan)

Here’s how I’m going to do it.

I’m going to get the Mango bag and blouse now. That’s a £55 spend so not too bad.

I’m going to allow myself to buy the dress but only if the price gets reduced by 50%. So I’m going to watch the web like a hawk for cashback or voucher code offers or a sale.

I’m then going to get my husband to buy the perfume duty-free from the airport when he flies next month and that can my treat for April.

And the shoes, well they’ll be my big reward when I’ve paid off my debt.  You cannot find a better incentive than that!

What are you saving for? And have you allowed yourself some style treats along the way?

Kinky boots or spring trends

In my last post on hen dos in London, I mentioned that I LOVED some of the outfits the performers wore at Madame JoJo’s. So I’ve pulled together some fashion pieces that allow me to channel those looks (and most of them are spring trends!)



This gorgeous coat is currently ON SALE at ASOS for £48 reduced from £80.  I know spring is coming but yikes it’s cold right now.

Lace is one of many spring trends this year so you tick that box if you buy this.  It’s £60 from ASOS.



Who can’t resist some tassels? Detail, layering and embroidery are key this season (yep, another one of those spring trends) so why not start with your feet? These fringe sandals are £65 from Topshop.

Finally, it’s now cool to go out in your underwear/night slip so the burlesque girls are stylish ladies!


This is so beautiful and incredibly sexy. With a midi skirt or black jeans, a tailored jacket over the shoulders and heels, this would look fantastic.   Available also in white, this Tibi cami is £368 at net-a-porter.

Did I just write a post on how to dress like a drag queen?!  Surely not. Oh these tricky spring trends……