Save or splurge: Red Fendi Sweater

I love clothes and one of the MANY reasons I try to be good with my money, and save up what I can, is so that I can spend it on filling my wardrobe. The question is… you buy cheap and plenty or do you go for fewer, but expensive items? It’s save or splurge time!

Regardless of whether you like to save or splurge, here is my guide to getting this very on-trend lovely little red embellished sweater from Fendi….or one just like it.

Fendi £730, netaporter


If you want to splurge and buy the real thing, it’s currently available at net-a-porter. Off you go! Wait…what? You don’t have the funds yet? But you really want it? Ok well, follow the free 5 day FeastStyleThrive e-course and you’ll have made that money in no time.

All you need to do is enter your email address in the box below and the guide will be with you in a jiffy.

Oh and when you do come to buy it, make sure you sign up to cashback site Quidco first and click through to net-a-porter from there. The site is currently offering 3% cash back on all purchases which amounts to a £21.90 saving on this £730 jumper. Not bad eh?


If you don’t want to splash out but want to be up to date with this season’s trends by wearing a jumper very much like this, then here is the solution.

Step 1. Purchase a simple and plain red jumper. Here are two very affordable options currently available on the high street.

Warehouse, £20
White Stuff at Zalando, £45.99

Step 2: Buy a few packs of flower buttons in black and white. The below are available at Etsy.

Etsy, £5.05 plus shipping for a pack of 6 black or 6 white

Step 3: Carefully stitch on the buttons along the neckline, 2-3cm from the top of the material.

Step 4: Don your on trend embellished red sweater with pride. It only cost you approx £60!

How to wear it

Now because I think this is quite a polished style of jumper, if you pair it with the wrong things you could look mumsy. And we don’t want that. The way to avoid that is to wear a cut on the bottom half that directs the eye away from the jumper. You don’t want all the attention on the bottom half, you just want a balance. So, avoid plain black trousers or jeans, blue denim and flat simple pumps. Instead, pair it with statement trousers in cigarette, flare or wide leg or a below the knee A-line or godet style skirt. And BIG statement shoes. It’s also important if you want to be on trend to wear red with red (or with pink) so keep that in mind too.

Now which option would you choose? Save or splurge?

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