Money saving tips you shouldn’t ignore when moving house

Moving home is an expensive business. Pulling together a deposit is no longer enough. From stamp duty to removal costs, set up costs and Estate agent fees… everyone you come into contact with will be trying to dip their sticky fingers into your pockets./div>

So if someone challenged you to find a way of saving money when moving house, you would be forgiven for laughing out loud! But it is possible! Here’s the FeastStyleThrive guide on how to do it.
MOney saving guide
1: Compare Estate Agents
The cheapest agent isn’t always the best value and the most expensive isn’t always the best agent.
It’s vital that you do your research before committing to any company and the good news is that a company called makes this very easy to do. It will show you a list of the six best agents in your area, how quickly each agent sells, the percentage of asking price they achieve and how many properties they have listed around your area. This coupled with a list of each agent’s fees means you can compare the best agents quickly and easily – possibly saving you time AND money when selling your house!
2: Book Early!
Chasing the conveyance and following up with the estate agent is not a fun game… everyone is waiting to know that magical date that you will complete on your property purchase and moving can commence…
As soon as you know that date, BOOK your removals company, sky engineer and every other workman you may want to fix up the old place and sort the new place.
Did you know that by booking early, you can save up to 25% of the cost with removal firms? That’s one hell of an incentive to get organised!
Additionally, if you are using large companies ensure you look for deals and discount codes.
And if you’re super thrifty, hire your own van, recruit your family and friends get as many hands as possible helping you move!
3: £500 Challenge
Picture this: You’re taking the rubbish out and someone comes up to you outside your house and offers you £500, would you take it? Silly question. Of course you would!
So when you are waiting for your legals to go through take time to completely clear your house of unwanted items. Use Facebook Sale groups, Gumtree, Ebay, Friday Ad, Auction Houses and Car Boot Sales to sell all your unwanted items. I challenge you to raise £500 out of the items you would usually throw away… Forget saving money when moving house, earn it!
4: Use free boxes
Did you know that your local Homebase has a crate of free boxes you can help yourself to at its exit? Head down there on a frequent basis to pick up large moving boxes completely free! This could save you around £150!
5: Negotiate
With the agent, the vendor, removals company, utilities companies, the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker… whoever it is, negotiate the pants off them! Maybe not the tax man though… Stamp Duty is non-negotiable (unfortunately!).
6: Avoid Mail Forwarding Costs
Two months before you move, start changing your address to a friend or family member’s address. This way, as post arrives over the two months it reminds you to keep changing your address. When you finally move into your home, make sure you take all that mail (if it’s anything like mine, it’s unopened!) and tell them of your new abode!
I hope this helps and takes some of the stress out of the process! Any other tips that I’ve missed, please add them below in a comment.
And a special thanks to Chelsea from for her huge help in pulling this piece together!

47 thoughts on “Money saving tips you shouldn’t ignore when moving house

  1. Great tips. I’d never have thought about changing my address earlier to a friends/ family members address. When I bought my flat as it was a new build and I had no chain I had about 2 months from viewing it to moving in so it moved very quickly x

  2. Great tips! I’ll definetly need to keep these in mind when the time comes to move house. The mail tip is great, not something I would have thought of at all!

    Jordanne ||

  3. I’m not in a place to buy a house at any point soon, and I’m glad – all of this seems just so confusing. Good tips though; these are the things people often forget!

  4. Some excellent tips. Moving home can be so expensive. I love your £500 saving challenge. I’m going to be doing this soon as I have a lot of rubbish I need to clear but instead of putting it towards moving house I will put it towards a holiday 😉

  5. Love the idea about mail – I spent £30 on having mine redirected! Moving house can definitely be pricey, last time I moved I had a good clearout and made some cash on eBay to help with moving costs!

  6. Oh gosh, I wouldn’t know where to start with buying or selling a house! My best friend has just bought her first home and I was horrified at some the fees she ended up paying though, so any tips to save a few quid will be welcome when I get there! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. It amazed me when I hear d how much it was for the mail to be redirected. It was only £13 for 3 months when I last moved out.

  8. Some great tips. Supermarkets (we use Waitrose and Asda) will also ‘hold’ boxes for you if you ask nicely – we got dozens that way!

  9. Good tips. Trying to do this at the moment – so expensive! Didn’t know about GetAgent – great idea. When I was little all supermarkets had the free boxes, didn’t know homebase still did. (Lucy/R is for Hoppit

  10. Trying to do this currently – so expensive! Hadn’t heard of GetAgent – that’s a really good idea as it is so hard to work out who to go with. When I was a kid, all supermarkets had the free boxes – I didn’t know homebase still did it. That’s really useful – it was always a good scheme. (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  11. This post is great, very useful for those moving houses. I never forget the first time we bought a house, it look horrible in there after moving in date and we ended up to clear everything out and rip all the things and throw stuff away that wasn’t ours. The previous owners had just left things there including all of their clothes and shoes. The state agency we used didn’t know about this and we ended up with spending a lot of time and money to get the perfect house. It is always good to do research first! The worst thing is that we ended up with a house with a leak in the ceiling, for being first buyers that did teach us a lesson!

  12. I think these are the Great Ideas for Moving Houses and Saving Money.I Like the Second Idea Of Your Post That is Book The Removals Company First.Thank you very much for your post! I am very interested in your points.

  13. Great, helpful Post. The key to a smooth move is Planning and Preparation. Hiring a good House Removal Company can save money. Thanks for sharing valuable information for a House Move through this post.

  14. Nice tips! I’m moving soon and just started packing some items. I’ve purged more than half of what I owned and now it seems much easier. Your tips and advises are very helpful for me, some are quite smart. Thank you for this saving tips!

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