The best gaming apps for your phone

best-gaming-appsMy phone is my most prized possession (after my loved ones of course!)  and the thought of losing it fills me with fear.  AB-SOL-UTE DREAD. It’s my iPod, my schedule, my personal trainer, my emails and my only record of phone numbers, addresses and birthdays.  I also have a bit of an addiction to games right now….

Perhaps I’m taking a risk having so many important things on my phone but it’s Apple’s fault for making it so damn adaptable and useful.  Having been an iPhone user for years, I’ve collected a great number of apps I find to be utterly brilliant and useful.   So here are, in my opinion, the best gaming apps….. (and there’s no candy crush in sight).


Hector: Badge of Carnage (1,2 and 3)* Witty, rude and British so every joke is brilliant.  Track Hector the Detective as he solves crimes, arrests prostitutes and deals with tramps, all while on the hangover from hell.  Yes, really.



Words with Friends (on iOS and Android) – I introduced it to my parents and now they’re obsessed with it.  It’s Scrabble but a long-winded, remote version.   You can also ‘try out’ words you’ve made up to see if they’ll be allowed – that’s the only way I ever get a high score.



Fruit Ninja (on iOS and Android)– Mindless, easy fun.  You play chef and swipe through a variety of fruit. It’s timed and watch out for the bombs!  No, I don’t know why there are bombs around when dicing fruit but hey.



IMDB (on iOS and Android)– Ok, I know this isn’t technically a game but set yourself the challenge of trying to create a family tree of famous movie stars and you’ll be busy for hours.  Who knew so many were related!


Talking Carl* – This will entertain kids for days.  You simply talk to it, or poke it in the eye(!) and it squeals or repeats what you say in a high pitched voice.  Simple but hilarious.



Puzzle Craft (on iOS and Android) – I have spent HOURS of my life playing this! You essentially build a kingdom, harvesting and mining, by grouping three matching items together and it’s so very very addictive.  It was perfect for passing the time recently flying to Turkey and back.  Get it, get it now.

* not available on Android.

What do you think are the best gaming apps?

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  1. I must admit I don’t have time to play games on my phone but I did used to love playing games when I was younger. My daughter does love talking carl though as its on her ipad haha! #Shareitsunday x

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