Reasons to save: Kitchen gadgets to make your life easier

I really enjoy cooking and one day I shall have a huuuuuge kitchen with all the latest gadgets including a built-in teppan plate, two fridges, a boiling water tap and a central island for the hob so I can show off my culinary skills in front of the many guests who will come and visit me in my mansion.

I’ve got a lot of saving to do though!

In the meantime, until I have that kitchen, I shall be filling my current place with all the kitchen gadgets that will fit in an attempt to come across as a proper cook. The items below caught my eye while I was being cooked for by my friends and family recently and are brilliant.  None are really essentials, and several of these kitchen gadgets aren’t particularly easy to use, but they all look good and make my life better and that is enough for me!


The first of my essential kitchen gadgets is this milk frother thingy from Graef. My mum showed me this and while a cheaper alternative would be an electric whisk in a pan, it is very good and made the milk so frothy I was able to build a little house on the top of my coffee with the foam.

This is currently available at Amazon for £37.12.

On the theme of coffee, I can’t bear instant and making a pot of coffee just for me is a waste. If you find yourself in a similar position then you MUST get an Aeropress coffee maker.  It’s cheap, doesn’t take up space in the kitchen and makes a great cup of coffee in seconds.


It’s currently £25.99 at Argos.

Another non-essential but totally tempting kitchen gadget is the pasta maker. I appreciate that a bag of pasta is incredibly affordable but seeing the Masterchef guys create some fresh penne was highly impressive and something I wanted to be able to do immediately.

This one from Imperia looked pretty similar to the one they used on tv so I expected the results for me to be EXACTLY THE SAME. They were but it took me HOURS. (Still worth it though!)


This is available on Amazon for £44.66.

Now, the following was on my wedding gift list because it was something I couldn’t really justify buying for myself but really wanted.

Le Creuset is the best and these are great for cooking pretentious mini dishes.  They also come in a multitude of colours – heck you could get them to match your nails!


Available again on Amazon for £17 each.

For aaallllll the baking I do, you’d think I would have built up rather strong arm muscles! But no, I cheat! I watched Nigella on the TV with her electric mixer and thought “I too want to be able to simultaneously mix cake and cook dinner!” So I bought a KitchenAid. And it matches my kitchen. Oh yes.


It’s currently available at John Lewis for £499.95.

Now if I’ve compelled you to buy any of the above, check first if you can get any cashback on any of them.

8 thoughts on “Reasons to save: Kitchen gadgets to make your life easier

  1. Great! I likewise have all the kitchen contraptions you have here. They are impeccable absolute necessities particularly when we have guests that we’d like to serve nourishments.

  2. We are huge Italian lovers in my family and I’ve always wanted to try making my own pasta. I’m sure its is a lot harder than it looks! Maybe one day I will “take a walk on the wild side” and skip out on the box of pre-made noodles and make my own. Have you tried any other must have kitchen gadgets?

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. I would love to try the milk frother gadget and pasta maker equipment. It’s nice to know that there are lots of kitchen equipment that can make our life easier when it comes to cooking. Technology really makes our life easier. By the way, which is your favorite among the list you provided in your post?

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