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How to make an Espresso Martini

It’s fiiiinnnnallly Friday. Wow, it’s taken a while to get here.  A few hours from now, you’ll want to go out and celebrate the start of the weekend but you might be knackered after a big long working week.

Or you’re staying in tonight after a big night out last night and need a pick me up to stop you falling asleep on the doormat as soon as you get home.

Well I suggest you start your evening with an Espresso Martini.  It’s a powerful cocktail but it also wakes you up and prepares you for the night ahead.

espresso martini2


For this you will need,

A cocktail shaker


Some coffee beans

2x 25ml shot of freshly made espresso

2 shots of vodka

1 shot of kahlua

1 shot of hazelnut liqueur

A fancy glass

espresso martini


Pour all the liquid and ice cubes into the cocktail shaker and shake for your life.  This will mix it well, chill the mixture and give your arms a good workout.

espresso martini3

Pour into cocktail glass and top with coffee beans.  One Espresso Martini. Done.

(Don’t drink it too quickly though – like I said, it’s POWERFUL.)

What’s your Friday night tipple of choice?