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Ikea Hacks: 8 websites that do the hard work for you

Whether you’re preparing to sell your home, have just moved house, or have decided to stay put, there’s nothing like a bit of interior decorating to make things look better. But if you can’t afford to splash out at Heal’s or Habitat, and you fear Ikea’s stuff is too recognisable to others, how do you create a look of your own that’s still REALLY cheap? With Ikea hacks!!

Read on if you want to update your home with some cheap items that you’ve upcycled EFFORTLESSLY by taking advantage of a few tricks of the trade! 

I’m in one of my interior decorating phases. What this means is that you can barely walk anywhere in the house without tripping over a house magazine, I have a ga-zillion web pages open at different interesting sites I’ll get around to reading at some point (i wish) and every conversation with my husband starts with me saying “So you know how we need to change our [insert name of room/furniture/curtains]…”.  I LOVE this phase but my husband does not.

Anyway, in my search for inspiration, I’ve been to Ikea a couple of times and identified a load of items which I’m going to “enhance”. I’ve found countless DIY lessons but a lot of them seem too damn complicated and time-consuming for a busy mum like me. So here’s some helpful companies that will do a lot of the work of ikea hacks for you!

1 Pretty Pegs

Pretty Pegs makes snazzy replacement legs for most of the main ranges of Ikea furniture. This means that you can quickly and easily add a new colour to your items without breaking open the paint, or customise them to suit other pieces in the room. Your tables, chairs, bookcases and cabinets will never look dreary again.

A unit can be transformed for approximately £60 plus shipping.

2 Panyl

As the name suggests, Panyl lets you change the panels of your Ikea pieces. Take your Billy bookcase (come on, we all have one) and stick on a range of bright and attractive colours to brighten up the unit without the hours of painting! It’s self-adhesive paper like you had for your books at school but it’s ultra durable. Possibly one of the easiest Ikea hacks there is.

They also do a range of aluminium and wood effects (as per the picture above).

You can decorate a small bookcase from about £15 plus shipping.

3 Superfront

So I have to confess, I’m presenting you with a problem here. Superfront sells the most BEAUTIFUL door fronts (+ sides and tops), handles and legs but it isn’t cheap. Therefore, you may only be able to look and long for what they sell. But with stuff this gorgeous, looking is still good fun, right?

Wardrobe fronts cost about £200 plus shipping and handles are about £20.

4 Etsy

Who doesn’t love Etsy? Not only is it great when you need to buy quirky part decorations, or gifts for people who already have EVERYTHING, but it is also giving small businesses across the world a platform to promote and sell their wares. Epic.

Anyway, if you go on the site and search for Ikea, you’re presented with a load of different businesses that sell covers and accessories for Ikea products. The above picture is for HipicaInteriors which sells Klippan sofa covers for £20 each!

5 Bemz

Bemz sells new covers for most of Ikea’s beds, sofas, chairs and cushions. And there are HUNDREDS of covers to choose from. Any colour you fancy, any pattern you like and a range of fabrics too. They even send samples to you so you can test it out in the room before you buy.

For the Ikea Jennylund armchair, new covers start from £55 plus shipping.

6 Mykea

Another company that sells stick on covers for Ikea furniture, Mykea has gone to town with cartoons, prints and bright colours. While they only focus on a few of Ikea’s ranges, they do make sure they can accommodate any item within that range which means you can pimp your whole bedroom suite should you wish.

This place is particularly good for kids’ rooms and they do wall decal too.

Prices start from £5 plus postage.

7 O’verlays

This is quite possibly the cleverest hack of all for Ikea furniture. Forget self adhesive paper that entirely covers the furniture so that it looks like you’ve painted it. O’verlays completely changes the style of the furniture and would fool anyone into thinking it was worth a fortune. The products are decorative fretwork panels, available in several patterns and sizes. They are light weight, paintable and easily attach to furniture, doors, walls and glass.

Sets start from approximately £20 plus shipping.

8 Wilko

Courtesy of Livet Hemma

I thought I’d leave this one to last as it’s a surprising one! Wilko is actually a fab find for Ikea hacks. Like Panyl, it sells self adhesive paper with a wood grain effect on it so you can make a plastic shelf look a lot better. But it also sells marble effect self adhesive paper and it’s blooming gorgeous. Add it to the back of your mobile phone cover, your window sills, or even your coasters – the possibilities are endless. And if you cover the top of a cheap Ikea table with it, it looks FAB!

A few metres of paper will only cost you £5 and there are no shipping costs because it’s local. Cheap ikea hack or what?!

What do you think of this collection? Do you have any other great ways of upcycling Ikea furniture with minimal effort? Please let us know x